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Poeta y traductora, es una de las voces más premiadas y reconocidas de la actual poesía en español. Cerca de 200 críticos de más de 100 universidades (Harvard, Oxford, Columbia o Princeton, entre ellas) la han elegido la poeta más relevante en lengua española nacida después de 1970.

Poet, translator, anthologist and professor, she is one of the most awarded and recognized voices of contemporary poetry in Spanish. About 200 critics of more than 100 universities around the world (Harvard, Oxford, Columbia and Princeton, among them) have chosen her as the most relevant Spanish-language female poet born after 1970.

She is the author of the outstanding poetry collections Legends from the promontory, Diary of a gleam, The eyes of the mist, Croniria, Small thorns are small (one of the bestseller books of poetry in Spain in 2014) and Matria (which has been awarded both the National Prize of the Critics and the Andalusian Prize of the Critics in 2019).


Her poetry collections have also been published in France, the United States, Colombia, Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal and Puerto Rico. Her poetic work until the year 2016 was fully collected in one volume, partially translated into many languages, ​​ awarded major poetry prizes and included in numerous anthologies and literary publications all around the world.


As a poet and a researcher, she has conducted conferences, workshops and courses in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Italy, the United States, India, Turkey, Morocco, Armenia or Macedonia. She participates in poetic creation workshops, courses, festivals and literary events throughout the world, while contributing with poems, translations and critical reviews in various international literary journals and cultural magazines worldwide.


In the field of children's and young people's literature, she has just published Himbu, the Little Painter, an illustrated album written in rhyme that explores the world of colours in order to discover the personal development of a small elephant. It is published by Edelvives, one of the pioneer and most prestigious Spanish publishers within the sector.


She holds a Ph.D in Didacticism of Language and Literature, an M.A in Communication Studies and a B.A in English Philology. Her doctoral thesis delves into the applications of poetry to the classroom of Spanish for foreign students. She works as well in literary fields as women studies within poetry. She is the co-editor of a celebrated anthology of twentieth century Spanish and Latino-American women poets, Poesía soy yo, used as a reference manual in many universities around the world.


As a translator, she has also published her works in the best Spanish literary houses, including her rhymed version of the love poems of Edgar Allan Poe, published both in Spain and El Salvador under the title Love poems; her translation of a selection of poems by Lewis Carroll, published for the first time in Spanish under the title Poems; her translation of The eyes of Elsa, the most renowned book of Louis Aragon and first published in Spanish; as well as her translation of the Collected poems by Sylvia Plath.

Poète et traductrice, elle est une des voix la plus primée et reconnue dans la poésie Espagnole d’aujourd’hui. Près de 200 critiques de plus de 100 universités (Harvard, Oxford, Columbia ou Princeton, entre autres) l'ont choisie comme poète la plus pertinente en langue espagnole, née après 1970.

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