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Open call for poets - Transpoesie 2024
  • 03/04/2024

Open call for poets - Transpoesie 2024”

Join us for this year's celebration of poetry and linguistic diversity in Brussels!

TRANSPOESIE 2024 invites poets to delve into the depths where dreams, reality, and revolutionary spirit intertwine in poetic form.


TRANSPOESIE 2024 seeks poets whose work resonates with surrealism, through its aesthetic, philosophical depths, or revolutionary spirit. Surrealism in literature constantly moves between dream and reality, between life and art. Typical themes are: an urge to shock, desire, the fantastic, the impossible, magic, infinite freedom, rejection of logical reason that wants to reduce everything unknown to the known. Surrealist poets make frequent use of the strongly associative process of "écriture automatique”.

Embracing the surrealist ethos, we invite poets to shape a new world and to redefine humanity through navigating the depths where dreams, reality, and revolutionary fervor intertwine in poetic form.


Since 2011, TRANSPOESIE has been an annual poetry festival organized by EUNIC Brussels, a network of European national institutes of culture and national bodies engaged in cultural and related activities beyond their national borders. TRANSPOESIE celebrates multilingualism by bringing poetry in diverse languages to the heart of Brussels. This festival, coinciding with the European Day of Languages and Linguistic Diversity on September 26, hosts a series of events, including readings, debates, and public writing sessions. By showcasing original poems in their native languages across public spaces and online, TRANSPOESIE aims to create a vibrant platform for the poetic expressions of our diverse linguistic tapestry. Curated by Philip Meersman, expert on experimental poetry, immersive audience experience - performance festival curator - artistic PhD researcher AP University
College and performance poet working with XR.

What do we offer?

Publication: Your poems, both in their original languages and translations (FR & NL), showcased on our website.

Exhibition: Display of your poems in public spaces throughout Brussels, introducing your work to a broader audience.

Showcase: Inclusion of your poems in the printed materials.

Event Invitation: Participate in our festival.

Networking: Connect with fellow poets, translators, and cultural operators for potential collaborations.

What do we expect?

Costs & Logistics: Cover translation (NL & FR) & copyright fees for poems on display. For participating poets, cover travel, accommodation, performance fee & translation costs. For participating poets also the EN translations. Quality: Ensure poems & translations align with our festival's theme and ethos. Collaborate with literary structures for selection & with experienced translators.

Promotion: Spread the word about TRANSPOESIE through your communication channels.

2 ways to participate:

1. Poem Publication (€500):

Have your poem displayed on our website and in public spaces across Brussels. Poems for public display should be a maximum of 8 lines, with translations provided.

2. Poet Participation (€500): adding to the poem publication live performances at the TRANSPOESIE events in Brussels:

  • Perform an 8-10 minute poetry reading (with an English translation provided).
  • Engage in a public writing session, crafting on-demand poems on diverse topics.
  • (Optional) Participate in a debate on surrealism by submitting a 150-word abstract on your chosen topic.
How to apply?
Notification Deadline: April 24, 2024: express your interest by emailing specifying if you invite a poet.
Submission Deadline: May 15, 2024: name, bio, photos of the participating poet and the poem for public display with translations in NL & FR.
  • Swedish Institute
  • Camões Instituto de Cooperação e Língua Portugal
  • Greenlandic Writers Association
  • Yunus Emre Institute
  • Czech Centre Brussels
  • Istituto Italiano di Cultura
  • Embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Belgium
  • Commission européenne
  • Romanian Cultural Institute in Brussels
  • Hungarian Cultural Institute Brussels
  • Danish Cultural Institute
  • LUCA School of Arts
  • Austrian Cultural Forum
  • Permanent Representation of Lithuania to the EU
  • Embassy of Andorra
  • Lithuanian Culture Institute
  • Permanent Representation of the Republic of Slovenia to the European Union
  • Leeuwarden Europan Capital of Culture 2018
  • Etxepare Euskal Institutua
  • It Skriuwersboun
  • Permanent Representation of the Republic of Estonia to the European Union
  • Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union
  • LOFT 58
  • Embassy of Ireland
  • Mission of the Faroes to the EU
  • MuntPunt
  • Embassy of the Republic of Latvia to the Kingdom of Belgium
  • Greenland Representation to the European Union
  • Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity
  • Embassy of Sweden
  • Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren
  • Polish Institute - Cultural Service of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Brussels
  • Scottish Government EU Office
  • Ambassade du Luxembourg à Bruxelles
  • Spain Arts and Culture - Cultural and Scientific Service of the Embassy of Spain in Belgium
  • Instituto Cervantes Brussels
  • Ville de Bruxelles
  • Orfeu - Livraria Portuguesa